Unfold It

Unzip the carrying case and place the ICT on level ground. Unfold the pool with the CO2 cartridge facing up.

Inflate It

Grip the CO2 cylinder with the insulator sleeve and pull the red handled ripcord on the inflation valve to activate the CO2 cartridge.

Contain It

The ICT can hold up to 100 gallons. After it is drained, the ICT can be wiped clean and reused. Extra CO2 cartridges are available for purchase. (ICT-RC-38G).


ICT Product Specifications

The Inflatable Containment Tank™ is a pop-up containment pool that inflates in an instant and can hold up to 100 gallons. Packed in a 14” × 16” × 3.5” bag, the ICT is a portable spill solution for trucks and equipment short on space.

Product Specifications
Part #ABC

Shipping Specifications
Part #Units
per Box
Box SizeQuantity
per Pallet
Box Weight
(24 lb)
ICT-100-UO516" (L) × 14" (W) × 14" (H)27 boxes698 lb
516" (L) × 14" (W) × 14" (H)45 boxes1,130 lb


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